Are you looking for an online loan without verification? You’ve come to the right place. In one place you will find: non-bank loans without verification: by phone, ID card, employer certificates, creditworthiness and bank account!

Loans without verification – 21 proposals

Loans without verification - 21 proposals

Especially for you, we have created a list of the best loans without verification on the non-banking market. For ease of reference, we’ve written all types of loans that don’t require verification. By clicking on a given loan you will be taken to another section of the article.

  1. Loans without an ID card
  2. Bank account checking loans
  3. Loans without calling the employer
  4. Loans without courier verification
  5. Loans without checking in debtors’ registers
  6. Loans without certificates and income

Online loans without identity verification – the most important information

Online loans without identity verification - the most important information

A loan without identity verification is not possible. Because loan companies care about the safety of their clients and each applicant must be verified by name. This is a kind of protection against frauds and frauds. Some lenders require an ID scan or photo of the document next to our face.

Thanks to this, we don’t have to worry about someone taking a loan for our lost ID card. In addition to checking the ID number in the restricted documents database, financial institutions have various ways to check the identity of the applicant. Among them are:

  • confirmation of our personal data during the courier’s visit,
  • verification of the address of residence,
  • customer verification by phone,
  • verification of the place of employment and income received,
  • bank account verification.

The lender can choose any way to check the data needed to secure the loan. As a result, customers can use the services of only those companies that use the most convenient way for them to check their personal data.

Loan without ID verification

Loan institutions do not require many formalities. They usually give payday loans as proof. Most often, all data is sent via the Internet, but in some situations financial institutions may also require you to send a scan or photo of our ID document.

For many people, this can be a major obstacle. Not only because it slightly extends the procedure for obtaining a loan online via account. Sometimes we simply do not have the opportunity to perform a scan or do not have an ID card for various reasons. In this case, it is better to look for lenders who honor e.g. a passport. 

Loan without bank account verification

The basic and usually inseparable element of applying for payday loans and installment loans is authentication via a bank account. The main and still the most popular way to confirm the identity of the borrower is the verification transfer.

By transferring 1 penny (or 1 PLN) to the loan company’s account, we confirm that we are the owner of the given bank account and we are the ones who really apply for the loan. An often used alternative to the verification transfer are applications that allow you to take payday loans without transferring a penny.

This method of data verification also has its opponents. Using the application or making an additional penny transfer can be problematic for people who rarely use online banking and those who like traditional solutions such as phone verification or during a courier’s visit.

Loan without phone verification

Phone loans are available even to people who do not have a bank account and cannot confirm their identity by bank transfer. Verification of all data necessary to obtain a loan takes place during a telephone conversation with the consultant of the loan company.

An SMS loan is also a solution often used by consumers. When applying for a non-bank loan, a mobile phone number is required. This does not mean, however, that every company calls the customer.

The phone number is used by the lender to inform us by text, e.g. about rejecting our application or granting a loan.
Data verification during a conversation with a consultant can be troublesome for many reasons. First of all, waiting for a call from a loan company can extend the loan process. In addition, not everyone is able to answer the phone at any time of the day. 

Loans without courier verification

Some institutions still prefer the method of data verification by courier. It can successfully replace phone verification and penny transfer. During a visit to the borrower’s home, the courier is required to check the customer’s details based on his / her ID card. This is not synonymous with receiving the so-called loans with home delivery – the courier does not hand over the money.

A loan with a courier assures the financial institution that the borrower and his family are aware of the commencement of the loan procedure, which excludes fraud. This method is unfortunately associated with a slightly longer verification process than in the case of ordinary quick payday loans online. In addition, cash should be picked up yourself at the selected post office using the so-called GIRO check. 

Loans without verification at the Credit Information Bureau

Loans without verification at the Credit Information Bureau

Among the many financial sector products you can find loans without verification at the Credit Information Bureau. The office collects data on the credit history of consumers, i.e. the number and type of liabilities incurred, repayment dates and information on our current financial standing. To sum up – based on the so-called scoring a financial institution is able to assess repayment options. Loans without verification in the BIK databases are a good solution, not only for people with financial problems. They will also be ideal for applicants who earn well, but at the same time pay off several obligations and want to contract more.

Important – people who do not have the best ability can use the new payday loans. Because lenders who operate on the non-banking market for a short time have lower requirements.

Installment and payday loans without verification in the debtors’ registers

Installment and payday loans without verification in the debtors

Bad credit history can be a big obstacle to getting a loan or credit. Some lenders, however, offer unregistered loans over the internet and even loans for those in debt. Loans without creditworthiness are a kind of trust loan with temporary financial problems.
The so-called loans without registers are granted only to certain borrowers, because companies only verify data from selected registers and interpret them freely. That is why there is always a chance to get a loan from one of the many institutions.

Online loans without verification of certificates and income

Online loans without verification of certificates and income

A stable source of income is usually the key criterion for granting, among others cash loan or loan. Sometimes financial institutions require you to show a bank statement. This, in turn, may be a problem for people without a permanent place of employment or those with family benefits.

Loans via the Internet without income certificates are significantly faster because they do not require completing documents confirming employment, the amount of monthly income and expenses. When choosing long-term loans without certificates and payday loans without calling the employer, we do not have to worry about the boss finding out about our financial problems.