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Colmar: the sweetness of living in the French way

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Created in 1790 and after many adventures, the Haut-Rhin is finally attached to France after the Great War. Its administrative center is Colmar. To enjoy a city of pleasure and greed, come and settle in Colmar. An expert in insurance products will help you in the search for an advantageous borrower guarantee.

A city full of greenery

Colmar attracts more than 3.5 million visitors each year. Europeans, Americans or Japanese come to admire the Unterlinden museum, half-timbered Alsatian houses and the neighborhood of Little Venice. The city has 108 ha of greenery and 33 ha of allotment gardens including the Champ-de-Mars park and the water tower park. The latter has a rose garden of 38 varieties grown on 450 m². Before you make an acquisition in Colmar, proceed first to a comparison of offers in mortgage and loan insurance

The capital of Alsace wines

The capital of Alsace wines

The geographical situation of the city is favorable to the culture of the vine. Colmar has its own vineyard with an area of ​​25 ha. Great wines, liqueurs and brandies are manufactured there whose reputation dates back to medieval times. If you are a gourmet, Colmar awaits you for a final installation. When buying your new home, ask for a personalized follow-up by a Colmar Loan Insurance Specialist.

Find a competitive insurance in Colmar

Find a competitive insurance in Colmar

In case you finance your project in Colmar with a mortgage, you have 30 days to find a delegation of insurance. Innovation in insurance is now the medical teleselection. For faster processing of cases, counselors complete the medical questionnaire through a telephone interview with the insured future. For more information on the matter, contact a broker specializing in credit insurance, close to your future home in Colmar.


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