For us it is very important that you as a client can know what you are paying in addition to the value of your payday loans, because we know that sometimes this can generate confusion among our users. This is useful information that will allow you to know how our service works and what you will cancel when paying your debt. Pay close attention.

It is very common that some users do not initially review the different charges that are generated when requesting a financial service with any entity. For this reason, when the receipt arrives with the payment of the same, they are surprised and this can generate inconveniences with the entity they went to to enjoy said service. This is why it is important to always be informed about the charges when acquiring a loan. As a user, it is necessary to understand that there is no bank or financial entity that offers loans and that does not have an additional charge, both in interest payment and in administrative value. As an example, you just have to look at the handling of debit and credit cards, which are part of a product offered by the bank with a maximum amount intended for use, but at the time of making the purchase of any item a charge is made additional for said acquisition.

 Depending on the time you choose to pay off your debt,

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In addition to this, depending on the time you choose to pay off your debt, an interest charge is applied, which is regulated by the regulations in Colombia, which is applied monthly and must be canceled until the total debt is finished. To this we must add that as an additional administrative charge, there is a receipt of money for the concept of “handling fee”.

This is the best example that we can find to explain in a simple way that every financial service, regardless of which entity it comes from, has some additional payments that must be canceled as a result of the service and that cannot be ignored, taking into account that Behind your next purchase there is a whole team of people making this possible

Making this clear and so that you can understand what those additional charges we make through our Gas family payday loans platform, or any of our services, will explain the costs one by one. Attention!



This refers to a payment that you must meet to guarantee an insurance policy that is indicated in our calculator at the time of applying for the credit, on the value you will use. This collection becomes effective at the moment in which the holder of the debt has some type of disability that prevents him from making the total payment or in situations where he dies and there is no one to assume that cancellation. It is very important that you inform us if you already have this policy through another entity and should only send the necessary certificates and information that we will request to take it into account.

Administration charge :

Administration charge :

This payment is made only and exclusively in the event that you have one or more active credits and must be canceled within 30 days. With this charge we can ensure the availability of the quota that has been assigned. If you do not have active payday loans, you will not be charged with this ID.

VAT: This is a charge with which you should already be familiar, as it is collected on almost all products and services that can be purchased, regardless of their nature. This VAT is a tax that is made at the value of your credit and is equivalent to 1.9% of the total charges.

Technological charges:

Technological charges:

This is a charge that is faced with the use of our online platform and covers everything related to the management of your loan, as well as other benefits that you will find in our system. You can have access to your account to keep track of your credit, the status of your debt, look at your credit history with us, what is the status of your membership, promotions that are active, among others. However, if you do not wish to make your request through our platform, but prefer to use another offline medium to do so, you should not cancel this value.

Now that you know them, you can see that our interests and positions are completely fair and transparent. According to the change implemented in the methodology for this purpose, the national authorities certify the maximum collection rate that can be demanded from the user for the payment of their credit obligations month by month. For now, it is necessary that you know that for the month of September 2017 the rate that will be charged for annual cash corresponds to 33.22%.

For us it is very important that you understand that we act transparently and that we are interested in providing a service with which you can solve your financial problems or get out of trouble. In addition, we have benefits for those clients who cancel their payday loans days before or on time. For example, if you pay 10 days before the deadline to cancel your debt expires, we will give you a 50% discount on interest and other charges. For more information about these benefits.

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