Travel credit: the French will prioritize the sea

Nearly 70% of respondents will go on vacation On the basis of a panel of 911 people aged 24 to 65, 66.70% of respondents will go on holiday this summer, mainly in France (61%). Other destinations are Europe (30%) – notably Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Croatia and Malta – and the rest of the world […]

Cheap Loan Insurance: Insure a Real Estate Loan After A Wolf Disease

  Loan insurance If you want to buy a home loan, bank’s disease can put a lot of pressure on you. Indeed, many diseases are part of the list of “aggravated health risks” insurers. Bank group insurance can be denied because it does not generally cover high risks. And without loan insurance, the lending institution […]

The Financial Ratios of a Credit Purchase

Credit redemption is a financial approach that makes changes to the management of the personal budget. The principle is to group together a set of loans and various debts into a single credit agreement with a monthly payment adapted to the repayment capacity of the borrowing (s). The different financial ratios to obtain a repurchase […]

Some tips before subscribing to a credit redemption

Discover through our multiple expert advice, the procedure to follow before subscribing to purchase of credit to change the organization of the financial budget. Compare credit buyback proposals to negotiate well As for any act of purchase, when subscribing to a credit redemption must compare the proposals to negotiate! This is a real task, tedious […]